Vienna main train station to Stadioncenter busterminal


How to get from Vienna main train station (Wien Hauptbahnhof) to Stadioncenter busterminal at Engerthstrasse from which international bus connections leave?

By metro

The most convenient way to travel between Wien Hauptbahnhof and Engerthstrasse is to use Vienna metro. At Vienna Hauptbahnhof get down from the platforms to the underground, follow signs with capital letter U derived from German U-bahn, Untenbahn.

  • From Vienna Hauptbahnhof take line U1 heading to Leopoldau. Exit after 4 stops, circa 8 minutes at Praterstern station.
  • At Praterstern station change metro line to U2 heading to Aspernstraße. Exit after 2 stops, circa 4 minutes at Stadion
  • Now just get on the surface from underground and bus terminals for bus lines should be visible from all exits

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