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The Meinfernbus Flixbus is low-cost, budget, German bus transportation company. It offers transportation standard and an alternative way to traveling by the car, plane or train in Germany. We bring you all information you will need for traveling with Meinfernbus Flixbus.

Flixbus.com website

Meinfernbus.de website

Note About The Meinfernbus Flixbus Name

The Meinfernbus or Flixbus is name for the same company. The company was established as German name the Meinfernbus. The Meinfernbus leter change the company name to the Flixbus in a goal to better aim for foreign customers.

Price Difference Warning

The company does not guarantee that the ticket prices will be exactly the same on both websites. The Meinfernbus Flixbus do not hide possible price differences and directly recommends “You should compare and book early in order to get the best possible price! For both websites the same rule still applies – the earlier You book, the better the deals!”

Meinfernbus Flixbus Route Network

Map of all Flixbus Meinfernbus bus operator routes connecting Germany and abroad

Price Offers

The Meinfernbus Flixbus travels to over 200 destination in its network. Some starting routes or action sales might start from 1€. But the prices are very flexible and depend on the journey peak time and the traveling location.

Comfort of Traveling

The Flixbus Meinfernbus offers usually new bus vehicles fully equipped for long journeys. Bus vehicles are quipped standardly by:

  • Free wifi
  • Comfortable separable seats
  • Drinks and snacks available
  • On board toilets
  • Television on board
  • Plugs

One big minus for the Meinfernbus Flixbus bus operator is the fact that many bus connection are traveling over German highways which are usually full of the traffic jams. The Meinfernbus Flixbus connections are thus an infamously fame for the late arrivals. It is again caused by an enormous traffic on the German motorways (autobahn). We still strongly advice to come at the bus stop at least 15 minutes prior the departure, definitely always on the time.

In many big cities you can find helping the Meinfernbus Flixbus personal directly on the bus station or the bus stop. They are always keen to help you and keep information about the incoming connections and the bus delays. In case of the longer delay please inform at the Meinfernbus Flixbus personal. They are very visible, usually they wear  anorak in bright green color.

The Meinfernbus Flixbus History

The Meinfernbus Flixbus started its first route in 2013. Low cost budget transportation company quickly established the wide network of partners and with focusing mainly on online sale become rapidly leader in long distance bus transportation in Germany. It upgrade its route network very often.

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